Shashi Tharoor, you look like a waiter in suit-boot’: Subramanian Swamy responds to Congress leader’s jab at Naga headgear

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy on Tuesday said that Congress MP Shashi Tharoor’s comments on Prime Minister Narnedra Modi’s headgear have offended the people of Nagaland.

Slamming Tharoor, Swamy said that he is a person who has not come out of cocktail parties.

“Tharoor is a person who has not come out of cocktail parties.. became a minister.. (then) an MP… even then he remained unchanged,” Swamy said.

further slammed Tharoor for speaking like ‘English people’. “It’s okay for him if he goes to a cocktail party and Lutyens for dinner, where the whole attire, language and culture is that of the British,” he said. “But to say that the headgear is weird….what’s weird about it?”

“Your suit boot is weird.. you look like a waiter in it…Like a butler in a restaurant!”

(“Jyada important hai ki North-east ke logo ko bahut chot lagi hai… unhone vyakt bhi kiya hai… Shashi Tharoor to cocktail party se bahar nikla nahi hai… mantri ban gaya… fir MP hai… isse usko koi fark hi nahi pada… jo cocktail party hoti hai naa… vojo angrejo ke najayas bacche jaise hote hain… saari sanskriti bhi angrejo ki hoti hai… bhasha bhi jo england se yaha akar unke jawan bolte the ye vaisi bhasha bolte the… then its okay if he goes to a cocktail party and Lutyens’ dinner… lekin general public hamari bahut samajhdaar hai… ye kehna ki ajeeb si topi hai… are kya ajeeb hai.. tumhara suit buite ajeeb nhi hai hmare liye…soot-boot pehen ke to tum waiter jaise lagte ho.. a buttler in a restaurant… yes. to uske liye koi comment nahi.. but naga ka topi nahi passand”)

On Monday, Tharoor plunged headlong into a fresh controversy by saying that Modi dons “outlandish” Naga and other headgear on his trips but refuses to sport a Muslim skull cap, comments the BJP dubbed as an insult to the people of the North-East. Later, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju and a number of other cabinet ministers also demanded that the Congress apologise for Tharoor’s comments.

Why does he always refuse to wear a Muslim

skull cap?” Tharoor had said.

“You see him in Naga headgears with feathers. You have seen him in various kinds of extraordinary outfits which is a right thing for a prime minister to do. Indira Gandhi has also been photographed wearing various kinds of costumes. But why he still always says no to one?” he added.

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